Sunday, December 11, 2016

Why yet another URL shortener ?

9TO.ONE launched the Beta version of a newly created URL shortener.

Why another URL shortener?  There already plenty out there, every developer developed a URL shortener as their Hello World!

The reason for this is not obvious.

Let us look at URL listeners already exist:
* They try to achieve million things, but not care users' feeling
* They try to attract more people to use than care about how people use
* Not easy to key in cellphone.

Let me explain why user not been take care by how people use it:
* User most likely to use URL shorten service when they need to key in cellphone
* User need to switch their eye on screen and cellphone for likely 3 times to make sure they key in right things, see this link: http://****.ly/Hr4Ilm
* Why user should suffer like this?

Now you can use  URL shorten service that:
* You just need to quickly key in the short url to your cellphone

I hope people like it, and this most care about this scenario:
* You seat behind company firewall and found a link been blocked by firewall
* You simply shorten the link and use your cellphone data to access the website

Try now: